I remember calling my father many years ago and asking him about the time change. I wasn’t sure whether I needed to set my clock an hour forward or an hour back. After he so confidently gave me his answer, I questioned him, stating, “Are you sure?” Being the subtle character that he was, my dad said to me, “Why did you call me if you did not plan to believe the answer I gave to you?”

This experience has stayed with me most of my adult life, for I think of it in a deeper way. He was right, of course. Why would I call upon him if I did not have faith and trust in his answer?
Because of my various experiences with him in my youth, my father had rarely witnessed my total trust in him. I had seen him respond to so many events in such a reactive and insane way that I could never completely let go around him. It took his death to open my heart and fully engage in the gifts he had offered me. He gave me the ability to communicate with anyone, to connect immediately with strangers, (this is definitely a skill), the openness to always seek a solution, the strength to persevere, and the ability to move beyond no as the final answer and discover what was before me.

This experience with my father touched me, yet I was guided to take it to yet a deeper level. What about my Creator, my God? Why do I call upon this amazing presence if I am unwilling to believe in the answers that I receive? Why do we take time to pray if we do not trust our answers? And why would we not totally trust that which we are made of? We will listen so quickly to the opinion of anyone else even though he or she may not model the answers we are seeking.

In order to understand fear, we must first accept the lack of understanding that inhibits trust. For centuries, many writers have stated that the opposite of fear is love. This is a powerful statement, yet from my life experiences and from my experience as a spiritual leader for most of my adult life, I would say that the opposite of fear is trust. Where there is trust, fear is not leading the way by being in the way. Even with the subtle appearances of fear, you will not be stopped. You might feel the sensation of fear, but it will not hold you back. You will believe in your Creator enough to keep moving forward.

You can love many things and still be afraid of them, yet when you trust with all your heart, fear dissipates into the nothingness from which it came. Our lack of trust creates within us an energy that prevents us from truly living and that causes us to die from the inside out, for it is the soul’s natural tendency to trust.

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