True Meaning of Religion


Someone once said, “My mind is my church and what I
believe is my religion.” Our mind creates that which we
focus on, becoming our truth and our church.What we
believe is our religion because our beliefs create the world
around us. Religion in its original intention was a good
The word religion means to tie, fasten or bind. Religion
was meant to create the unity of humankind with God.
The issue with religion is that it has become a “we are
right, you are wrong” paradigm. Many people have been
killed or disregarded due to religious misunderstandings,
leading to very little unity. Some even promote the idea
that God loves some beliefs more than others and some
countries more than others.
Unity believes there are many paths to God and
welcomes all people from all faiths and all walks of life.We
do not attempt to be all things to all people, yet we want
to teach people that God through them can do all things.
Unity celebrates the common thread with all religious
organizations, that there is One Presence and Power in the

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