This Prayer is My Truth


“I am an energetic being immersed in the vibrant life force of an infinite God who created me. If God thought enough of me to create me, shall I think enough of myself to allow myself to be created?”

I have proved this to myself time and again in my life. I remember when my father died and I was in my midforties; there was a time in that space that I was starting to die a little. I was operating from survival mode, and I checked into old patterns of how fatigued I was and how weary with all the other elements that go with grieving the death of a parent. A defining day occurred for me when I decided that I would practice what I had learned in my shamanic studies. I would predetermine myself to have more energy after my grieving had passed, and I would be more dynamic and more on task and more vibrant than I’d ever been before.

This prayer into my future became my truth. To understand soul retrieval, it is first essential to understand and to embody that we are an energy force and an energy field and that we are here to live our entire lifetime as energetic beings. There are many people who do not want you to believe this because a lot of products would not be sold, a lot of pharmaceuticals would not be necessary, and we would expand our cultural reality from being told what to do and living in a box to becoming self-reliant and immersed in the energy of God. We would truly be eagles and thriving trees and would develop such a powerful realization of how great our God can be.
The second thing to understand is that the only wa

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