This is My Passion, My Life’s Mission


We have taken children out of nature and put them in front of shooting and war games. We have exposed them to the scary and the violent and by the time they are a few years old, seeing guns that take lives is a common thing. They are already desensitized at a very young age. We have stopped teaching children the value of the bug, the lizard, the birds that fly and the fish that swim. In the Shaman world, with Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind and with the Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of the New Thought Movement, and in the Native American teaching, all life are sacred and all of life has value. If we in New Thought truly believe in cause and effect, each time a life is taken with the premise that it doesn’t matter, no big deal, then we are ultimately saying that our own life doesn’t matter and it is no big deal.

What can you do?

Take each day, each week and each month to declare for yourself and those around you that you stand for Life – The One Presence and One Power in the entire Universe.

“Life Rights” Mission: expand the knowing to all around the globe that all life is connected. With that knowing, allowing all life to live in freedom and peace is a natural extension of ourselves.

Loving All Life, Temple Hayes

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