The Reality Is…

Excerpt: “How To Speak Unity” -Temple Hayes-
There is a wonderful quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ”Many people label their experiences as good and bad, and these labels define their realities. Often times they say, “This is just the way I am.This is my reality.” People may get very comfortable with and accept what they have been told, or state that what is all there will ever be in their lives.

Reality with a capital R is the absolute truth of God. Reality with a small r is that which we have labeled our truth. We are fortunate when the Reality of God and our reality go hand in hand. We can always change our reality if we are willing to draw from God’s greater truth. In other words, there will always be “facts” of living in the world, such as the real estate market or the economy, yet there is also truth. This truth is the wisdom of Jesus, to be in the world yet not of the world.

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