The Real You


The real you is not a place you arrive at, a new credential, or a new career. Being the real you means to know inside yourself that there is no holding back, that in every situation of your life you can feel fully expressed. Many people are walking around with unconscious strait- jackets on that prevent them from being truly free. The Civil Rights Movement took off not simply because Rosa Parks was tired of being abused and became brave. She changed the movement because in the way she responded it was as if she was declaring, “This is my seat, and
I am not moving!”

Often, the real you and the real me are too quick to give up our seats. We are too quick to back down from what we really believe in. The world changed the day Rosa Parks declared she would not give up her seat.
How would the world change if you said, “My seat in life is to express how animals are wrongly treated” or “My seat in life is to show people how to be thriving and energetic” or “My seat in life is to show people how to have a successful marriage” or “My seat in life is to show people how to be healthy and happy”?

Celebrating the tremendous freedom of the real you means being able to dance and feel and sing while claiming your “seat” in life and being unwilling to give it up

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