Welcoming The Mystery of Life


Most people give their energy to small words. Everyday language has become one-liners like “How are you doing?” with answers like “Not too bad” or “Well, I have been worse, but compared to everyone else I should be thankful.” You know you’re in trouble, however, when someone replies, “Why do you ask?” Yikes! These questions are actually meant to provoke a point rather than prove one. What happened to “Every day is an absolute miracle! Things are going stupendously! I have more miracles than I can count—it just gets more and more amazing!”

I started to take notice how my energy and vitality increased simply because my vocabulary started to grow larger than my experiences of the moment. So my prayers of affirmation and declaration started to shift, which began to expand my day-to-day world in a greater and dynamic way.

The more I become excited about the mystery of every day the more I love the mysteries that come to me during the day.

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