The Most Involved Are The Most Evolved

I have always loved the statement.. the most involved are the most evolved. I have experienced this as truth so many times in meeting people throughout the country and learning how valuable their spiritual path is to them and the energy they put into it.

Steven Covey says, it is easy to say no when deep within there is a burning desire to say “Yes.” A number of years ago I realized that I longed to have my spiritual path be a priority to me and yet I always had reasons to be BUSY and put it off. I lived in the them/me world. Let me get everything else in order and then I will create this special time for myself. Let me help them and then I can help myself. One day I realized that this way was no longer working and I decided to listen to a new mentor and follow a more disciplined path. A path which included many days of retreat, times of silence, space of being and learning more deeply about spirituality from many different angles. Life totally changed for me during this time. Freedom was a word that now was integrated into my soul.

As you walk through your life during these next few weeks pay attention to the things you say YES to and look for ways to create more sanctuary for your inner being. Are you saying YES to things and people that are really important or are you living out of habit and old ways of being? Be conscious of the unconscious “things” which guide your life.

We let our light shine when we are grounded and balanced as individuals. Other people can feel our energy and enthusiasm towards God and our spiritual intention.

An old Kalahari proverb says that God is dreaming a dream, and we are it! We are it, the children of God living out different qualities of God’s beauty. Make this the time in your life where you commit to you in a much deeper and significant way.

As your life changes… you change the world.

Loving life, Temple

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