The more we value our deaths, the more we accept our lives as unique by design.


Another shocking death experience I witnessed involved a woman who had passed away in another southern state, and the family had called her church for the priest do a service. This woman and her husband were a well-known couple who had greatly contributed to the medical field and to the opera and theater. It took the priest almost three days to let the family know that he declined to hold the service because the deceased had not contributed to the parish in recent years. I could not believe it. How could an organization called Holy Name of Jesus be so lacking in standards? I thought this church needed to spend some time looking at its branding, for the holy name of Jesus or another adored deity would have done better by this family.

When a church was finally found for the service, the priest sprinkled holy water on the woman in the casket and made a declaration granting her permission to go to heaven. Really? Who has the power to grant another human being admission to heaven? Have we succumbed to playing God?

Just as the priest stated his decree, there was thunder, and it was so loud it almost moved the sanctuary. It was amazing! I kid you not. It was as if the woman were saying to the priest, “First of all, you don’t have this right, and second, I am already there!”
Please know that you are not robotic in nature, and you do not have to settle for these types of end-of-life celebrations. You can make requests and be clear about what you are going to do for yourself and your loved ones.The more we value our deaths, the more we accept our lives as unique by design. 

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