The Mind of God


We often affirm, “There is one life, that life is God and that life is our life right now.” There is one mind and it is expressing in us, as us and through us. There is one power, one mind and one life in all that we see. Just as the sun beams light in and around all things, mind is everywhere present.

On the spiritual dimension, all of our minds are connected through the One. If something is happening to some of us, on some level it is happening to all of us. We are the tapestry of all that is and continues to be in the mind of God. God (Mind) is forever evolving through all things.

As we begin to allow new paradigms to emerge in our lives, our subconscious mind frees us from living in a box of limited ways of thinking. It is easier to understand mind in all things when we are able to expand our awareness of a dated archetype of God limited by human expectations into the discovery of a principle which is infinite.

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