The Law of Life is Always Working


If you recall the song “I Fought the Law,“ originally
recorded by Sonny Curtis andThe Crickets in the 60’s,
you’re probably already singing the chorus to yourself right
now – I fought the law and the . . . law won. I fought the law
and the . . . law won.The lyrics of this simple song may
seem stark, but the underlying message comes through
loud and clear in metaphysics and Unity.The chorus
reminds us of the initial steps we take when learning about
the principles of Unity and the Law of life.
There is an immutable law that is always working.The
Law of life is a law of growth and is always working.We
are constantly growing and we can’t stop it.What we can
do is accept it and work with it.When we believe it, trust
it,and commit to it, we are able to get amazing results. If
we say the law does not work, it is actually still working
for us but we don’t recognize the direction of the growth
and how it manifests in our lives. Many of us do not thoroughly
understand how electricity works, yet we are able
to turn on a light switch and benefit from the electric
current.We do not have to understand physics and metaphysics
fully in order to know that what we declare to be
true in our lives will manifest—if it hasn’t already.
It happens to us all from time to time.At the slightest
disappointment, we may retreat and seek comfort in an
unhealthy way, not realizing the Law is ALWAYS at work
and pushing us to learn and grow. Remember, the Law of
life is a law of GROWTH. So, the next time you find
yourselves mentally fighting a new predicament with your
old unhealthy thoughts, remember this…
I fought the law and the . . . law won.

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