The Keys to Your New Car

There’s a story of a boy that is graduating from college. And so he’s all excited and he goes and tells his dad about getting ready and he tells his dad about the gift that he wants. And he says I’ve been driving by this car dealership and there’s this beautiful sports car and that’s what I want for graduation. And he knew of course at the time that his dad had the money and it would be no problem for him to give him that gift. And so he awaits that day of graduation and he just can’t wait to go and see his dad because he knows what he’s getting. And so when it comes time and he goes and he sees his dad, his dad says son I’m so proud of you, and he hands him a box. And he looks at it and he’s just so surprised he went, ‘ a box? ‘ And his dad says open it up, and he opens it up and looks and it’s a book. And he says I can’t believe you, I cannot believe that you gave me this book. You know what I wanted, you know what I asked you for – and he throws it on the desk and he leaves. He’s so angry at his father that he doesn’t speak to him.

Years and years and years and years go by, and the man goes on to die. So the son now goes back to work with his dad’s estate and as he walks in he begins to cry, and he looks over to the side and he sees that box, still with the wrapping paper on it. And he opens it up and he looks at it, and he takes the book out, well when he lifts the book a key falls out. And he turns inside the book, and there’s a business card for that dealership, and it says paid in full.

This story to me hits home with all of us, because you see, God has a gift for all of us, in a box. And the key is your soul path, awaiting you. All the gifts that you’ve come on this earth to receive, and to experience, and to express — they’re just wrapped for you. There are specific gifts for each of us. No one else is going to go through some of the growing pains that you have had to grow through to get it. No one’s going to go through some of the breakthroughs that you’re going to experience. As I always say in the word breakthrough is the word ache and the word through.

Everything that you’re going to experience is part of your life process, because of that gift that you told the Father, the Intelligence, the Power that we call God, this is what I want. That’s been declared by you. This is what I want. This is the gift that I want, this is what I want to receive.

And God, with you being the Beloved, goes I’ve got your gift, I’ve got your gift. Don’t pre-judge, don’t pre-judge the process that you go through. And remember, don’t take it personally. Be aware of your own spiritual unfolding, and the consciousness that you have, that energy that you bring to the experience.

There is so much waiting for you to experience, to realize and to have. God bless you on your journey.

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