The Human Heart Craves Meaning.

when your heart's in someone else's hands
On Thursday May 2, 1996, Dr. Billy Graham was awarded the Golden Congressional Medal, the highest honor this country can bestow upon an individual – only 263 individuals had ever received this in the history of the United States of America. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Billy Graham said that the dilemma within each one of us is addressed by David in Psalm 23.

First, David said, is a problem of emptiness. David wrote, “The Lord in my shepherd; I shall not want.” He was not talking just about physical want, but spiritual want.

I stood on the campus of one of our great universities some time ago, and I asked the Dean. “What is the greatest problem on your campus?” He replied in one word: “Emptiness.” The human heart craves for meaning, and yet we live in a time of spiritual emptiness that haunts millions.

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