The Classes of the Spiritual Path


Humility is a lost art. Humility is lost when you aim to have more, compete, and be more than anyone else. Often we drain our energy when we compare ourselves to other people and assume they have a much easier life than our own. For years, we have had influencers remind us of the value and sense of accomplishment of being upper class. We prejudge that the upper class has it made. Economically we categorize people as upper class, middle class, and lower class. I would like to dare to identify a spiritual “class system” as well.

The upper class is made up of people who are enlightened, awake, making a difference, and participating in a new era on our planet. They are usually as introverted as they are extroverted. They do not need to be known for the sake of being known, yet to share their message beyond a few hundred individuals, they must be known across the globe. These people can manifest material wealth yet not be changed by it. Their value is not measured by how much they own or have. They understand that the package we die with is either a box or an urn, and neither holds many things. The upper class is here to help remind all living things of the value of cocreation and collaboration. These people are what we call old souls. The upper class is here to keep our vibration raised so we can keep living people alive so they do not die an early death while still walking on Earth. The upper class do not allow the conditions of the world according to the news to make them weary.

The lower class consists of people who are regular attendees at a traditional house of worship and who know more clichés and scriptural quotes than most of humanity. They are the talkers with very few walkers. What they say is not congruent with what they do. They have accepted being a lower vibration as the new norm. Their mantra is “What difference does it make? We are going to die anyway” rather than “I could make a difference if I would stop being part of the walking dead.”

The middle class is made up of people who are somewhere between the upper class and the lower class because they want to straddle the fence and please the other two classes. They have not surrendered to and immersed themselves in the upper class because they are too afraid of what people will say—their team, their congregation, or their family. Middle-class people try to stay in the middle, never having a voice and rarely being heard. Rather than being influencers, they are people influenced by the following:

Needing to be liked
Being current with the biased news
Not speaking up
Being passive-aggressive
Playing God instead of allowing God to play through them
Singing other people’s songs but never writing their own
Rowing other people’s boats rather than their own

Middle-class people never get to experience what being upper class would mean for them: detachment, the tremendous satisfaction of being self-actualized, and empowered. They would be able to see change resulting from a few authentic ripples in the ocean if they were simply willing to take a few more steps into courage. Middle-class consciousness could also change the way the lower class perceives the world, because the middle class can relate to the lower class better than the upper class can. Middle-class people could greatly shift the way the lower class just gets by and barely lives, but the middle-class people won’t speak up because they need to be liked too much to take the risks involved in being a change agent.

The middle and lower classes have always been rich, but they rarely know it. They dwell on what is wrong and needs to be fixed rather than celebrating what is working and going well. They believe that they are being “done unto” and that they are given more than they can handle instead of seeing that they are the ones who are choosing what they handle.
The lower class is filled with the sleepy and the weepy. These people feel sorry for themselves and perceive that the principles of life do not work for them, while actually the principles are working for them by not working. They are influenced by everything and everyone else. They not only waste their own lives, they also usually have little to no respect for other living things.
We have much to do and be on this planet and with each other.

It is possible for an individual to move into each of the classes from time to time. I have lived them all, and I understand how we can go from one to the other. My goal is for you to see that the true upper, middle, and lower classes of our society are not necessarily the economic ones. Spiritual class is defined not by how much money you have but by how you use your spiritual riches and let go of the old rags. Spiritual wealth celebrates equality and delights in people coming together to eliminate some of the world’s chronic problems. When we have the eyes to see more clearly, we become united rather than separated.

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