The best relationship you can ever have is with yourself.


When you really look into where you’re going and where you are, you will understand that all of life is connected and measured by how you think, feel about, and know yourself.

If you do not love yourself, then you do not believe your Creator can love you. If you do not respect yourself, then you do not believe that the laws of life can respect your affirmative prayers and actions. If you do not relate to all your blessings, your gifts, and all the special parts of your personality, then you will never believe that others or God will relate to you, either.

I am always stunned when I hear people in recovery talk about how angry they are at God. What they are really saying is how angry they are with themselves. Leave God out of it. Actually, this is what got them in the mess in the first place: they left God out of it. Their innate and intuitive God talents told them from the beginning, Don’t go there, don’t drink, and don’t smoke. But they did it anyway, and now they blame God. I love the following statement: God can get you the garage, but you have to drive your car into it.
God gets blamed for so many things that have nothing whatsoever to do with God. This I know, for I did it myself for many years. In certain situations, when we are unable to say, “I allowed this,” we appear to be losing common sense. We must first and foremost accept that our relationship with ourselves is equally an expression of how life will be with everything else—not some things, but everything.

Excerpt from my latest book: When Did You Die?

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