Temporary Gain

The devil, satan and/or the shadow self tried to make a deal with Jesus one day. He said to Jesus, look we’re on this mountain right, well if you jump off it would be amazing because all these angels, I’m sure if you’re the son of God, if you really are the son of God, nothing will happen to you, you’ll be taken care of. And Jesus said very clearly it’s written that we will not use the power for temporary gain. We will not use it for that. What a great message, because it teaches us not to become spiritually dogmatic or arrogant.

And then finally, satan, the devil says you know, here’s the thing, if you’re so wonderful and you’re so fine and you’re God’s beloved and all that, here’s what you can have if you’ll just follow my ways – in other words if you’ll follow the ways of your personality you can have it all.

And Jesus says, that is not the way of true spiritual teaching. That is not the way to follow as a spiritual being. What I am here to do in spiritual law is to show that the Kingdom is within. Everything that I need, is inside of me. There is nothing ultimately that we own, anyway – is there?

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