Temple Hayes Up Close and Personal and I Am Moxy Woman

Twenty years ago I was going through an intense period in my life and my therapist advised me to become involved with a woman’s group. At first I felt feelings of vulnerability, some insecurities followed by the famous, “am I enough?”

I discovered through a series of miracles, 8 dynamic women who are still very special in my life today. Most of all, I discovered mirror reflections of me within them that validated me and shaped me for many years to come. I discovered my inner power and established a rich relationship with all aspects of myself. I also realized that most of life’s difficulty had been me hiding behind reasons and seasons rather than shining my light in the world.

They were great women and they were able to see the greatness within me. This was a defining moment in my life, as I moved from passion to participation and my light has been expanding ever since.

Now visualize with me an experience with dynamic women from all over the globe…a defining moment which is calling all of us!!!

Imagine having this amazing opportunity to be with 2,000 empowered women from all over the world to see your reflection, your possibility, and your light.

You will discover your MOXY (your bravery, your courage)…and the world will benefit from your expanded light.

See you there, October 3, 2009…the day that will change our lives.


PS  Click Here    http://www.iammoxywomen.com/ for more information including how to register.

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