Take a Different Street

There was a man is walking down the street one He sees a hole in the sidewalk and he steps right in it. So the second day, he goes down the same street, he sees the hole in the sidewalk and he falls in it again. So the third day, he goes down that same street, sees the same hole and can’t believe it but he’s fallen in it again. He’s very embarrassed but he pulls himself out. The fourth day, he walks down the street, he sees the hole in the sidewalk and he walks around the hole. The fifth day, what does he do? He takes a different street…. He takes a different street!

And so where are you on your quest for wholeness? It is our knowing that you will remember your true colors of who you are, to continue to develop your consciousness, not your personality, but your consciousness – so that thru all things you can walk with that loving being and presence that you are.

On your life journey, be true to yourself, be true to the walk. Come from your heart and your passion, and life will always give you that which you are.

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