Temple Hayes

The truth is..

We are always dying (letting go of the old) on the spiritual path and bringing forth the new. We are always waking up. We are always being reborn. It is a constant change and transition that is occurring in our lives on an ongoing basis. We are resurrecting from the old paradigm of who we […]

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It Will Come

Mahatma Gandhi claimed to have never made even a minor decision without prayer. Gandhi was known best as an Indian nationalist and spiritual leader, but he was also a man of rare courage. He developed the practice of nonviolent disobedience that eventually forced Great Britain to grant India’s independence. He spoke often about spirituality and

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Your Open Heart

Once the doors of the heart begin to open, they can never truly be closed again. The energy of change brings significant avenues into your life. Once I had been awakened to the inner truth that I was God’s beloved, most things in my life changed. I moved to a new area, got involved in

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