Powerful Prayer

How can I change my limitations of time and see the great moments which call me to be more? How can I surrender to the Universe to use my gifts that I share and the ones I have hidden? My Prayer for this week: Beloved God, creator of my life, I accept my calling to

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The Key To Your Destiny

“Understanding the basis of the world you begin to look for, or better said, feel for, your awareness of Source Energy that is the basis of all things.You are . . . a ‘Vibrational Being’ and everything you experience in your physical environment is vibrational.” Excerpt by Temple Hayes For more inspiration and information:

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Our Prosperity is equal to our ability to be who we are!

Hello friends, I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to San Francisco. What an incredible city, with so many fabulous people, places and curiousities to discover!  Something I love about this city of rolling hills and vivacious cultures is the knack of the individuals who live there to express themselves as the unique and beautiful

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