New Thought

The truth is..

We are always dying (letting go of the old) on the spiritual path and bringing forth the new. We are always waking up. We are always being reborn. It is a constant change and transition that is occurring in our lives on an ongoing basis. We are resurrecting from the old paradigm of who we […]

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Personal Freedom

Often when we think of freedom, we think of the major ways in which we are free, and this is beautiful…Yet, when you look into the depth of true freedom and you think of what really sets those inner fireworks off within us; often they are the unseen things and experiences felt deep within our

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Angels Are Us

A Course In Miracles teaches that what all ascended masters have done (Christ included) we can do it likewise. Christ like other ascended master’s only left behind the primer wisdom/knowledge out of dream-time. The rest of it would be picked up by our menagerie of Guardian Angels for our personal development. Why are our Guardian

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