Henry David Thoreau and Life Rights

Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden. In that book he shared this inspiration: ” If one advances confidently in the direction if his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unrecognized in common hours.” Mary Manin Morrissey reminded us of the importance of clearly defining our dreams when she visited Unity Campus.
Life Rights is a part of my dream!

Thoreau’s freedom was compromised when he was jailed as a result of protesting the United States war with Mexico. This event had such a profound impact on him he wrote the famous essay “Civil Disobedience”. In this essay Thoreau  wrote “….the state is created for man whose power comes from the Divine and not the other way around.” Thoreau delivered a powerful message on the importance of freedom in that essay.

I feel Thoreau  would have written a little differently today. Respectful of the time, I am not judgmental of his choice of gender specific words. We all have to move past a specific word or phrase to the core intent. We  are blessed when we truly acknowledge the Divine Love of God in all regardless of color, gender, sexual preferences…when we know Namaste within and move beyond using the word as friendly greeting.

There are many Life Rights violations, abuses of freedom. Our opportunity is right now. “Peace Begins Right Here Right Now” with each one of us when we allow the Consciousness of Divinity to emerge. This Divine Consciousness does not fuel the negative emotions surrounding negative events.  Violations of Life Rights begin to be diffused with our strengthening consciousness that all life has the right to live their intentions in freedom and peace.

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