Spiritual Communion


Prayer generally implies having spiritual communion with
God or an object of worship, through supplication, thanksgiving,
adoration, or confession. Often the undertone of
prayer is pleading, bargaining and making amends with
God. In Unity and New Thought, prayer is an affirmative
declaration of things, events and circumstances which we
are accepting as truth. In other words, we state in prayer
that which we desire to see. Our prayers, when heard by
others, have heartfelt responses because they are positive,
inspirational,and affirmed as if the desire is so.
Prayer does not change God, prayer changes us. Our
change is within our own minds and hearts in order to
receive those things, events and circumstances we desire. In
prayer, we only state the conditions we want.We do not
put into the prayer the conditions we do not want. If
someone is not well, the prayer is “thank you God for my
health,” rather than “heal my illness.” We
believe God is omniscient, therefore we must also
believe God already knows what we desire. Our prayers
invite what we desire into being.

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