Spiritual awareness requires practice.


Since the time I could remember how to spell my own name is about the same time I remember listening to my own intuition. The closeness to God was always there and intuition would play a part in helping me make many decisions in my life.

I was an amazing softball player because I knew from the beginning to use creative visualization long before Shatki Gawain wrote books about it. I was a successful New Thought minister and visualized a fast growing church which started in Stuart, FL yet along the way, I had not developed my own spiritual awareness.

I knew how to create yet I did not know how to discern the highest and best for my life. I knew how to allow my imagination to dream yet I did not know how to stop dreaming when I needed time to expand my consciousness and inner reality.

Spiritual Awareness requires a trained mental and emotional body. It is not something that you wish upon yourself or get from going to one or two self development classes. Spiritual awareness is something you become after you have awakened from a long sleep or after you have experienced an amazing shock (or shocks) in your life. It can also come because you are tired of being tired. It can come because the walls inside your heart ache. Spiritual awareness can come because you have had one final day of feeling either something is missing or you wish you were somewhere else.

When you are in these spaces prepare yourself for the ride… spiritual awareness is right around the corner. It is yours for the taking!


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