God is the only presence and power in the universe. Each
of us is an individualized expression of the One.
Our souls, like our fingerprints are unique.We each
follow our unique paths,and our souls recognize the way
of these paths.
Sayings like “that touched my soul,” are mirrors of who
we are as spiritual beings. From birth, our souls bring to
our lives an intention of expression.Through the course of
our lives, we find or attract experiences and events with
nature and people which develop our paths toward
fulfilling these intentions.When we do not listen to this
inner guidance, we do not honor our lives.When we avoid
the paths we are meant to follow, we experience soul fragmentation
and require support in order to return to our
feelings of wellbeing and wholeness. People often come to
Unity and remark they feel at home. In other words, their
souls have received a gift of love and unconditional recognition.

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