Signs, Healings, and Revealings


Think of your GPS this way: If you enter the wrong address into your car navigation system to take you home, it will take you where you told it but never get you back to your house. This is how so many people are living their lives. The Creator has given them instructions to get them to their place of destination, but like John Newton, they are not going in the direction they ultimately want to go. Your inner GPS will never lead you to a place where you cannot discover the home within yourself.

When I first started working with my teacher of shamanism, I understood two things: 1) A shaman practices wholeness and sees life through the eyes of infinity; 2) A practicing, awake spiritual being cannot do deep spiritual work by being in a box or doing life the way he or she has always done it.
I was able to see that even though I believe in an infinite God, I was not allowing my infinite God to create new things for me. I had continued to pray about my same problems and my same challenges, and I was unwilling to use my trust muscle. I was continuing to be the chicken of old beliefs rather than flying in my eagle suit.

On one of my spirit journeys, which you might prefer to call a deep meditation, I was asking the question “How can I be free?” The answer I received was an elderly sage giving me a feather. I started to notice that no matter where I was, whatever city or country I might be in, when I started to go back to old ways of thinking and old ways of seeing, I would find a feather or feathers. They would literally fall down from the sky in front of me at times.
One time I was speaking at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes outside London to an all-day class on stress management, and I was feeling sorry for myself. I doubted that I was where I needed to be, and I was questioning my path. Why am I here talking to these people about topics that are not very deep or interesting to me? How can I really teach stress management when I am not allowed in the courses to talk about being connected to a higher power? The company had made it clear that they wanted to approach the material from a corporate/motivational perspective rather than a spiritual one. I imagine they were afraid they would offend the non-believers. What’s the point? I took a break, and when I returned, there were twenty to thirty feathers in the spot where I had been standing to do my talk. It brought me to tears. I became awake and went from a near-life experience to being fully present and engaged in infinity. I became whole.

I shared a few of these feather stories with one of my dear friends, John. He had been following my teachings for a few years, but he, like so many others, had been trained to see God in a box, so at times he thought I was a little “out there.” He listened to the feather stories, yet he would comment with “uh-huh . . . uh-huh,” which often means “I think you are cuckoo.” I was comfortable with that, however, because I am a little “out there.”

I had shared the feather story with him as we were traveling to Savannah, Georgia. As God would have it, once we reached Savannah, we were driving downtown in his convertible with the top down, and a feather fell into the car. It was sizable, and boy, was my friend shocked! He was speechless, and as we turned the corner, the feather flew out of my hands, and he said, “Oh no, we lost it!” I assured him that it would find its way back, and sure enough, in a few seconds, either that feather or another almost identical feather fell into the car. A God-moment—oh my.

A few months later I got into John’s car, and he had several feathers over his visor. He had made one of life’s greatest discoveries: You will experience an infinite Creator and amazing life experiences through your own willingness to be coming from an open heart.

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