Self Talk and Your Esteem


If someone in your life talked to you the way you talk to yourself, you would have left them long ago. -Dr. Carla Gordan- Negative self talk was always key in stress management programs and the intriguing part about it was that most people didn’t want to discuss it. When you would mention the critic or the perfectionist language people would say .. oh boy, here we go again…this isn’t fun and I do not want to deal with it.

Iv’e read that we make on an average, 400 plus negative statements a day to ourselves and about 12 –14 positive. It is perhaps the leading esteem destroyer that we have and yet most people dismiss it’s impact. It is serious problem. On a good day you look in the mirror and say hey I look good. Someone else notices and you believe them. But on another day, you look in the mirror and say how stupid you look and someone says, you look fine and you say yeah right!!!! If you talk bad to yourself then the people in your life will treat you the same way.

If you talk loving to yourself I guarantee you that other people treat you with the same love. Speak to yourself with respect, and friendship and kindness and compassion and see how your life changes.

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