Putting Intention Into action

In the fall of 2013, I spoke at the County Commissioner meetings on behalf of all the animals in our city and our ongoing challenges. As I was leaving one afternoon, I asked myself, “Are we as a community doing enough?” I speak about animals and nature during Sunday services at times and we do a pet blessing once a year, but what else can we do?

I contacted the animal rescue teams and invited them to attend one Sunday and bring some pets to be adopted. One of their leaders decided he loved the concept so much that he took over the project and he books the rescue teams each week. We have volunteers who help assist the rescue teams and our chaplains are involved as well. The first and third Sundays of the month are “cat Sunday” and the second and fourth are “dog Sundays.”

We have adopted 34 animals to their forever homes since January of 2014. Not only is it living the 5th principle of Unity (Through thoughts, words and actions, we live the Truth we know.), it is a great teaching for our children. They have become involved, and it is modeling to them the value of adults taking responsibility and being action-oriented for the challenges with our animals.

We also have new people coming to our church because they say, “If this is the type of place that values animals, then this is the church for us!” It has been one of the most fulfilling projects we have done in a long time. We said “what we were willing to do” and the Spirit within us “showed us how.”We also have 15 or more bird houses on our campus. We like to call them our bird condominiums. They are fed once a week by the bird ministry team. We receive so many blessings from them as they are such a strong presence on our grounds.

The youth of our church painted the houses and made them special as they knew they were the bird’s homes. Again, not only are we filling a need, we are teaching the youth the value of life and how we as Unity students model what we teach. Both of these spiritual endeavors have been an amazing opportunity for us to teach the importance of Unity within within all living things.

Article: Fall 2014 EarthCare Connections Newsletter



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