Please Tell Me What To Do..

I was telling the class I was teaching the other night that we are surrounded by people who want someone to tell them what to do. This was certainly the way I grew up. It is certainly the way even today in the 21st century where most people live. “Tell me what to do”.

We seek out people to tell us what to do. We let pastors, doctors, and teachers tell us how to conduct our lives. We empower them to make major decisions for us based on preconceived notions that somehow because of their stature, they know best. We all simply bring out certain thoughts, cellular beliefs and blockages to support us in knowing what we need to do for ourselves.

My knowing for you is that you will know that within you lies all the intelligence in the universe. It is okay to get opinions but you are the director of your life. May you only participate in programs, churches and tribal gatherings where people will empower you and see your divine magnificence for that is all you truly need to know.

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