Oz Part II

Sometimes we need signs to point us in the right direction. Do you remember as a child when you saw this ‘Surrender Dorothy’ for the first time, it was kind of a scary feeling with the witch painting it in the sky. Sometimes in our own lives we have that revelation, don’t we?

Just saying, ‘let go. Just let go. Let go and let God. Let this happen in your life.’ We start looking for all kinds of answers around us. Dorothy looks for and pursues the Wizard of Oz and is looking for some kind of ancient wisdom only to discover it’s a voice behind the curtain. Not a real wizard, it’s just a voice.

So, in your own life on the spiritual quest and spiritual journey, where are you on this journey? Where are you? Because there’s no place like home. And once you’re into your spiritual enlightenment, there’s no place that you can go, you can’t go backwards right? You can’t go back and forget and you don’t know it. It’s the awareness of moving forward. It’s the awareness of coming back home to yourself. Recognizing the true value as she told the wonderful good witch, that what she had discovered, she discovered that she had had it all the time.

And that’s that wonderful teaching, that we are in a place, in our quest for wholeness, in remembering.

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