Our thought patterns limit us on a daily basis.


It always fascinates me how many ways we limit ourselves on a daily basis. We have created a belief in limitation and when we put boxes around situations they become true for us. Some people feel that they will always have the same sickness that their parents have… or they will die at the same age their parents did… or that true love will not happen to them. Some people feel rainy days make them depressed.. while others thrive when it rains… love to go play in it… and knows that the flowers benefit tremendously.

After having my own business for so many years, I was so shocked when I returned to the corporate world and realized how many people are living in small mindsets. One guy spent the entire day on Monday trying to wake up. All day long on Monday he would complain that he was so tired… and on Wednesday, he was happier because it was the middle of the week and on Friday he was preoccupied by what he and his kids were doing for the weekend. He spent his time walking around the office and just looking at what others were doing. It appeared he would only work three out of the five days he was at work. I guess we could say that if anything… he was consistent. However, he robbed an employer that paid him good money by a reality that he created for himself and then he wondered why he was not a great success.

Think this about your beliefs and how you set yourself up. Do you say before you even enter a week how tired you are going to be… or before you ever date a new person that love will let you down.

Change the patterns that keep you from realizing your highest potential!

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