Our lives are like a jigsaw puzzle.


When I was little, one of the many moments I cherished was putting together a puzzle with my grandmother Rubye. Doing a jigsaw puzzle was always fun, especially when we would get near to completion. There would always be one or two pieces that we could not find or that did not seem to fit. We would keep going back to the image on the box and see a color or something on the image that would make us feel confident that the piece would be discovered soon. Never did it occur to us to question the manufacturer about whether the piece was actually there. At times we would almost want to force-fit certain pieces just so we could be done with the puzzle.

Our lives are like a jigsaw puzzle. We trust the manufacturer to provide us with every piece of the puzzle to give us what we need to obtain the image on the box, yet often we do not believe in the manufacturer (our Creator) of our lives. We have all the pieces we need to be the amazing and incredible image we were destined to be. When we force-fit the pieces, we are not able to allow the proper process of our journey to occur.


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