God is everywhere present and always available.The very
act of speaking about God seems to limit how incredible
God truly is. God is in every thought, every word, everything
physical and non-physical,seen and unseen.God is all
that has ever been or will ever be.God is all of us and we are
expressing that which we know and believe God to be.
Unity’s core principle is “God is present inAll things.”
TheAll is One Power, One Presence, One God expressing in
and through each of us. One God expressing through and as
all things.There is no place or spot where God is not.
In Unity we also say,“God is good all the time,and all
the time, God is good.”
As we approach our lives with the belief that God is
present and good, we will get what we believe.We will
retrain ourselves to see God’s presence everywhere.

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