Omnipotent Power


Omnipotence is another way of stating what we believe
God to be. God is all powerful and all knowing.
As spiritual students in Unity, we begin to shift our
thinking and love of God from a person who is in the sky,
to a God which is an unlimited principle and who is all
When we can accept this vast and emerging definition
of God, then we are able to see how our thoughts are
prayers and we are always praying.The very act of prayer
does not change God, it changes us. All of our prayers are
heard because we know that God is all powerful and all
knowing.We stop telling God how big our problems are,
and begin telling our problems how big God is.
We listen and we accept our readiness for this
immense power to work in all areas of our lives. God, the
omnipotent power of the universe, is well capable of
expressing amazing things through us. We let it be so!

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