The Not So Secret Secret


Sometimes it seems we have too many people who truly need to help themselves before they can fully help others. Some people attempt to help others too soon on their own healing journeys. We all may know a few of these folks, who get a business card and a website and make great claims before they have completed their own life training program.

Anyone who wants to be a teacher should ask him- or herself the following: Am I walking my talking? Am I modeling my message? If I am making claims about relationships, am I in a relationship? If I am sharing advice about money, do I have some money? If I claim to understand The Secret (which is not a secret) by Rhonda Byrne, do I manifest what the book and the movie say? And will any secret be permanent if I do not allow God’s creation of me to become actualized? Will my life magnify my Creator if the discovery of my own potential remains a secret to myself?

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