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Sometimes it seems that out of fear and insecurity, a number of traditional philosophies do not want us to understand how easy it is for us to manifest our desires. The original sacred texts clearly taught us that we were here to live a life of miracles and magic and share our original message with our world. There were mystery schools that supported individuals to come into their own. Yet controlling and man-made philosophies did away with the ancient teachings so that people could be guided, directed, manipulated, and controlled.

We are not commonly raised to be independent thinkers and creators of our own destiny. As long as people live by the old paradigm of using formulas that are human-made rather than ordained by Spirit, they will never be fully present to live an empowered life. It is natural for us to live intuitively and create a wonderfully rich and rewarding life.

The challenge is that it is unnatural for us to live according to what other people tell us: our parents, guardians, teachers, and doctors. Once people cross the line of unnaturally being told what to do and what to be, they begin to die a little, and many never again create a new paradigm by which to live innately in the way they were designed and destined.

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