New Age and New Thought


When people are referring to New Age, they are usually
speaking about crystals,astrology, magic cards, channeling,
psychics and many other forms of wisdom which lend an
additional perspective or give more information about
their lives.These are all wonderful tools for students to
express as opinions, to use for healing, or to reference as a
map or guideline.We keep these tools in perspective and
know they are showing us suggested possibilities for our
In Unity and New Thought, we accept it is done unto
us as we believe.Therefore, if we believe the rock will heal
us, it will. If we believe the psychic is right, our belief will
make it so.All of these tools are incredible, yet we know
spirituality is never designed to replace common sense.
Life is not a game of Simon Says, for no one has the truth
for ourselves except ourselves and the DivineWisdom
within us.
At the end of every truth or opinion offered to us by
outside sources, we still have the freedom of choice and
the power of discernment to use regarding our outcome.

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