Nature is Our Greatest Teacher


AlanWatts,a British philosopher, stated that we are not
born onto the Earth, we are born out of the Earth. Therefore,
nature is not separate and apart from us, it is part of
our connectedness with life. We cannot exist as physical
beings without the harmony and respect of and for nature.
Unity co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore
believed strongly in the elements of nature and how we are
affected spiritually by being in the presence of God
through nature. Both of them dedicated the majority of
their lives to being vegetarians, though they were clear it
was their own personal choices and not a Unity creed or
UnityVillage rests on several hundred acres filled with
full and lush gardens and ample wildlife.We cannot love
God without being connected to all of God’s creations.
Nature is not only who we are, it teaches us who we
are becoming when we listen with respect and admiration

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