“The God within me meets and recognizes the God
within you” is the basic meaning of the word namaste.
Though we all seek different paths and adapt to our own
unique beliefs, we are all made of the same energy and
essence of God. Our life force as humans is the same.
We have discovered among indigenous people of the
world, that though they lived in separate countries and did
not have the means to communicate, they shared similar
rituals.We have the immense ability to connect with the
human heart beyond language and geographical borders.
Often before there is a world-changing event, such as a
tsunami or a major earthquake, we begin to feel anxious or
perhaps weary.
When we practice namaste, we are often able to look
beyond our differences and remember the color of our
blood is the same. Namaste is oneness. If it is happening to
you, it is happening to me…for in the essence of namaste,
we are ONE!

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