I have owned Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) for almost twenty years—I love the breed and the dogs’ personalities, and they are just so cute. For the past eleven years, until recently, I had two litter mates who were brothers. During the writing of my book “When Did You Die”, both died.

For many years I said I will always have Yorkies.. and I do!  However,on that particular day,  because of work with the Sofi Project and animal rescue, a woman contacted me about a Papinese she had named Misfit. He was a seventeen-pound, one-and-a-half-year-old dog, and the woman could no longer keep him because she had a brain injury. I went to pick up the dog, and she kept telling me that I was really going to love this dog. I said to her, “I need you to know that I am not going to be keeping this dog for myself. However, I assure you I will find him a new home.”

On the way home, my friend who had accompanied me said, “You are not going to let this beautiful dog go, are you? He is like a dog in the movies—so smart, attentive, and full of life.” And so I brought him home, and with his brilliance, presence of life, and big brown eyes, he is now a member of my family. I had to change his name to Mystic rather than Misfit, however.

Mystic has helped me more than I can say with his fun and loving presence, always wanting to play. He helps me grieve for my other dogs and the loss I have felt. He brings a greater sense of life into our home.

Yet I would have denied myself this gift because I had predetermined what my future was going to be (to have only a certain breed of dog). I would have missed the opportunity of these riches that Mystic has given me.

Take a look at your life in terms of old rags and new riches. Perhaps you are returning to certain financial challenges or a predetermined opinion that denies you something wonderful. Perhaps you will not give up an addiction when a new relationship or spiritual awareness is urging you to change your life.

It is time that all of us consider, as we cocreate the mystery of the divine, letting go of the bag of rags that we have been toting around, knowing that we are royalty and knowing that we are divine.

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