My Source, My Power


“God is my Source, God is my Power,
God gives me everything I need.”
Karen DrucKer, songwriter

Imagine what the world would be if everyone realized
there is one source in the universe, the presence and power
of their Creator.We often confuse our limited resources
with our source of fulfillment.We may tend to think of
our jobs as our source, our family inheritances as our
source, or the love we receive from our relationships as the
source of happiness.
However, we are all blessed with an infinite, unlimited
Source which we cannot “out-give” or outlive in this lifetime.The
more we use the gifts and talents with which
God has blessed us, the more gifts and talents we discover
within our magnificent being.
When we think of our limited resources as our source,
we become attached to them and often feel stagnant
because we are unable to allow the greater good to manifest
in our lives.

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