My own is NOW expressed!


I actually started writing thoughts down about my book, When Did You Die? a few years prior to it’s publishing, but like so many of you, I was waiting for the right time. The title of the book was given to me while on a spirit journey. I was having yet another near-life experience. That summer a publicist from Los Angeles shared with me the value and necessity of writing a book with my big message if I wanted to truly affect a world greater than the choir I had been speaking/teaching to before.

I told him that I appreciated his feedback, but I had accepted that a book of this magnitude was not mine to do. I started to explain all the reasons, such as my busy spiritual community, my consulting work, my radio show, and my other nonprofit work. I was good at saying the list, for sure. I was very convincing, and I made it clear to him that my answer to writing a book right now was no.

Two weeks later Rebecca Johnson, a dear friend and a writer and an editor in the Tampa Bay area, visited me at Unity Campus and said we should talk about my book. She had been gently reminding me for a few years that I needed to do it. I just couldn’t bear to tell her in the café line that I was going to say no to the book, so I asked her to contact me and we could visit over tea. I was clear that I would meet her and tell her that if God wanted me to write a book, it would be an easier process.

Well, she did not call me. She wrote to a literary agent instead and asked her to help me get my book out in the world, and the rest, they say, is history.

My Own shall come to me, even though I deny it; for there is nothing in me that can hinder it from entering and taking possession of my Soul.

My Own is now expressed.. “When Did You Die?”


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