My Life – Full Circle


Several years ago, I went to visit a woman who had lost her husband very unexpectedly at forty-two years old. I was in awe when I saw that she had so much energy in her body. Most people I had witnessed in my life who had experienced the physical death of a loved one would have a grayish color about them, yet she was so vibrant and light. She told me about a visit she had had with a shaman who had done soul retrieval on her by leading her through a deep meditation and retrieving aspects of her life when she was fragmented, weary, and losing her vibrancy; this process helped her retrieve her energy. I was amazed. In just the way life works, I thought I was being there for her when in reality she was being there for me. I thought I was spending my time giving to her when in truth she was giving to me. I was waking up.

I did not call the shaman she had consulted, nor did I immediately purchase the book she suggested: Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman. If you had known me then, you would realize that this hesitation was in itself a modern-day miracle. Up to this point I had lived my life by the paradigm that something was missing, so when the woman told me about something I did not have, the me of the past would have wanted it right away. In retrospect, I realize I was starting to awaken to my natural self, not pushing a new direction in my life but allowing it to unfold. This was a way of being that I had forgotten up until then. This was the beginning of being reborn into the me I was born to be: the healer and the listener of knowing when to do and knowing when to be.

I prayed to my Creator that, if my soul needed to be retrieved, to provide me with the means and way in which this could be possible. I called this experience into my being. I prayed it into my existence. I also eventually bought Soul Retrieval and absolutely could not put it down once I started to read it. It was bringing me back to life. I had a new map, a new road on which I felt the light was shining again to bring me back home to finding me.

Update: I was recently contacted by Sandra Ingerman’s publicist to be on my radio show “The Intentional Spirit”. We have never met and by divine appointment, I will have the opportunity to let her know the impact she’s has had on my life.

Truly honored and truly blessed!

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