My Greatest Teachers


So many people appear to have a tremendous need to be right. They would rather be right than kind. There is such power at times in just letting things be and not attempting to argue or make a point. Someone wise once said that “I do not need to justify, explain, or defend”. It seems that people bring unresolved hurt issues to relationships. Some call this our “Past Woundology.” We have all been wounded, disappointed and sadly surprised along the way. We can benefit greatly by allowing new people to bring different insights into our lives and perhaps the old and familiar will not prevail again.

I have lived life long enough to realize that the people that patted me on my back and told me how special I was (though they were the easiest to deal with) weren’t necessarily defined as my most significant teachers. My greatest teachers have been the ones that didn’t get me, validate me or adore me. Those are the people that made me HAVE TO SEE that I could know these attributes within myself.

Ask yourself, do I constantly feel that I have to be right or can I feel TRUE empowerment by walking away or commenting later or better yet…not making a comment at all?

The next time the car behind you waves his fist out the window…wave!

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