Moving From Fear to Freedom


The truth is that fear will return time and again
until the individual goes deep inside and does not hold

What fears do you currently carry, and where did you learn them?
Write out each fear, and then write beside them what your life would
be like without them holding you back. Be willing to accept that, even
though you may always feel the sensation of the fear, it does not have
to stop you in your tracks. Feel the sensation, own it, and move forward.
We will continue to die a little every day until we
move from fear to honoring our feelings to freedom.
We go through the resurrection of fear to feelings
to freedom when we are willing to leave the old cross
on the hill where it belongs. The only saving we need
is to be saved from ourselves.

When we embrace the feelings, it leads us to greater
insights and wisdom, shape-shifting our current
realities into something much deeper and perhaps
even magical.

What are your deepest fears? List them one by one and give yourself
a few hours to really greet them, name them, and own them. Once you
have finished this process, set aside half an hour to be uninterrupted
in a quiet space. Play soft music if it helps you relax, but not music
with lyrics, for the words will be a distraction.

Go into your inner awareness of quiet and ask your Creator or guides
to bless you with your sacred warrior shield. Whatever it is, accept it and
give thanks for it. You will carry this shield in your mind and heart each
time a deep fear presents itself. You will use it until the fear dissipates.
Guess what? Each time you grow deeper into the greatest dreams
of your life, your fears will knock on your inner door again. Own them
and dust off your shield and use it again. This time it will happen more
quickly, and the transformation will be less tedious.
How are you sabotaging your gifts and talents? What would you do,
be, and share if you had not told yourself you couldn’t, either by your
own limitations or someone else’s? How do you continue to sabotage
your good?

How do you hold back with the people closest to you? What stories
in your life do not add up? Are they real, or are they only what you have
held as being true? Are your wanting and your being going in the same
direction? Please write in your journal how this is so.

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