My Modern Day Miracle


A beautiful quote by Seneca states, “It is not that things are difficult that people do not dare; it is people do not dare that makes life difficult.”

My life was difficult for I had stopped daring. I was settling. I was one of the most successful drinkers I had ever known. I did it well—I gave it all I had at the time. Now I am able to drink water and feel the high. Once the decision was made, my old rags of regret were behind me. I felt so strongly that, because I had already given all those years of my life to being numb, I was not willing to play those stories over and over and be stuck in my misery. I did not wish I could be different; I accepted that I was different. I did not wish I could drink, for the best day I had as a partier was never as special as being awake, energized, and impassioned about my life.

People say to me, “Will you be offended if I drink around you?” and I say, “I will be offended if you don’t.” Think enough of me and give me the credit that, if I could drink, I probably would. But I can’t, so why should you try to be like me? Be yourself!

It is beyond my way—it is the High-way of my life. The highest ideal for my life is being free from alcohol, which ultimately means being free from sugar because that’s where it starts.

The old rags were no longer necessary. I had seen my life move from impossible to possible. I had witnessed my life move because of the inner awakening of Spirit. I had gone from being a child in elementary school, when my dad made me white toast every morning with lots of butter and white sugar on it, to being a sugar addict, a soda addict, and then a liquid sugar addict of mostly wine and beer.

I had lived long enough from my dying and not living to become one of the healthiest eaters on the planet. Now that is a modern-day miracle.

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