Love is the answer….always

Love is letting go of fear -Dr. Gerald Jampolsky-

Love isn’t put in our heart to stay…love isn’t love until we give it away.
It is crucial to the human spirit to love. Look at nature…all creatures have a sense of love and being loved. I have always remembered a story that Dr. Deepak Chopra shared. He told about a study that was being done with rabbits and all the staff were feeding all the rabbits poison. They began to die or became ill except this for one rabbit that remained vibrant and dynamic; filled with life and vitality. what was different? They were all eating the same food at the same times. When one of the staff members was interviewed about the subject he said, “When I fed that particular rabbit, I would tell him that he was beautiful and I loved him.”

What poison are you confronted with or situation that is uncomfortable? Love is the greatest healer. Fear shuts us down, love opens us up. Fear closes the door while love points us in a new direction.

Wherever you are know that love heals and learn to let it replace the fear in your life.
My teacher use to tell me “ what I fear the most will come upon me.” Do not energize events in your life with fear. Give love and wisdom to it…that is where your answers will be.

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