Love Her!!!!!

This is one of my adopted daughters who I promised to bring back from Brazil.


My name is Temple Hayes and I am the founder of Life Rights, a grassroots movement towards honoring life in all living things. The project for the dogs and cats is called the SOFI Project. As a Spiritual leader of a large Unity community in St Petersburg, Florida – I was shocked when I went on a journey to Abadiania, Brazil to see John of God and experienced all the suffering that goes on with the animals within the Casa as well as on the streets. This is a global issue. Neglect of animals is not in one country but in all. The reason it is seen so clearly there is the dichotomy of spirituality and no connection seems to be made with the spirit of the animals.

There is a vet, Dr.Turene Frazio and his wife Fatima who put all of their resources into helping take the dogs and cats off the streets and keeping the animals alive. Needless to say, not everyone is supportive in the immediate circle of influence and this is evident there.

I personally supported 8 dogs coming back to the states so they may have a deserving healthy life. The spiritual stories are amazing – how these families lives have changed, how miracles have happened – but of course, these animals pick up all the energy from all the people from all over the world at the Casa praying for change, hope and inspiration. All of us who are in tune with animals know these animals carry these same energies within themselves.

To more about the “SOFI Project” and how you can help go to:

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