Life is thriving with vibrancy beyond words.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not…life is….it is ongoing, it is operative and it is in the now. Life is, rather than Life was… Affirmations and new beginnings can only work in the present moment just as nature only works in the present moment. It does not rain based upon the clouds which were in the sky yesterday. It rains based upon the dark clouds which we see today.

Since we are born out of nature, we have all of nature’s wisdom. The difficulty is so many individuals either deny the natural in nature or want to override it with an approach to do it “their own way.”Nature teaches us that all things are unfolding in the NOW. We receive natural “NOW Medicine” each and every time we see a sunset, the birth of a new plant, the singing of the birds, and the view of the mountains….

Nature – thank you for offering us the gifts we cannot deny. ~Rev. Temple Hayes
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