Life Is But A Dream

Row, row your boat gently down the stream..
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.. life is but a dream –Nursery Rhyme-

I love this song, I have used it so many times to connect or remind myself of how life can be. The song says to row your boat…row “your” boat not someone else’s. If you are going on your boat and you have a paddle on the left and a paddle on the right and try to paddle someone else’s boat at the same time, you will go around in circles.

When we start to row someone else’s boat we lose momentum in our own. We also need to tell people not to row our boat. You can say now row your own boat and stay out of mine.

Gently down the stream tells us to go with the flow of life. Life always meets us halfway. Go with it! Go with the stream, the flow of traffic…the way things are…goes with it and you will be so happy where it eventually takes you.

Merrily, Merrily… Life is too short not to be happy…and if you are so happy, don’t forget to tell your face to (smile). As children we had so many different faces: the awe look, the joy look, the amazed look, the sad look, the funny look. As adults we have to be careful to not get the one serious look with a tight face and no joy written on it.

Put humor in your lives everyday..a joke, a story, a smile at the traffic light.. there is always time.

Life is but a dream.. Did you ever lie down for an afternoon nap and wake up and it was “dark thirty”? There you are and you don’t know if it is the same day or the next day or where you are supposed to be. Well life is like that at time.. you wake up and you are 30.. then what happened to them.. and now the 40’s, etc..

Life is but a dream enjoy the journey!

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